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This sled is unique in the marketplace, and we’ll be seeking a patent.

It will do flawless crosscuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, dado cuts, tenon cuts, picture frames and more. No sled on the market can even come close to doing all of these functions.

it works on both right tilting and left tilting tables saws with no modifications  

Plus it will be lighter than almost any sled out there. It also has replaceable zero-clearance inserts in the sled base, and in the fence.

The front fence (the one away from the operator) is quickly removable to allow cuts for nearly any width, or miters for super long boards. And it pops back on as soon as the cutting is done.

These are 3D Plans only, and in PDF Format.

If you want the combo Plans and Templates, Click Here

Templates will not be sold separately.