Thor's Hammer Woodworking Mallets

Thor's Hammer Woodworking Mallets!

This collection includes all of our offerings on our signature woodworking item. With the durability to be a daily use woodworking mallet, but built with the beauty and attention to detail of a fine-art piece.

I designed this piece to be a loose representation of the Legendary Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir, with hints of the Marvel Comic & Movie adaptations of his Hammer.

We have created and sent these to dozens of countries on five continents. And out of more than 40 species of exotic & domestic lumber, which also came from six different continents.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we, the King family, love building it.

Size Notes: Full Size - 6 in. head, 15 in. long.  Medium size - 4 in. head, 11 in. long. Micro Size - 3 in. head, 8 in. long. (sizes are approximate)