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Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench

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Comprehensive Plans for an Extreme Woodworking Bench, that can be built on almost any budget.


80 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 36 inches tall.

All legs and rails are solid 4 inches x 5 inches.

Bench Top is 5 inches thick. 

I think everybody needs a woodworking bench. But I knew that not everybody has the thousands of dollars it takes to buy a quality bench from a woodworking store.  I also know most woodworkers want to build their own anyway.  Many friends of mine are woodworkers and most of them are saving up the $2000.00+ that it takes to buy the 8/4 maple to build their own. Whether Roubo style or another. So I thought that I would present an alternative. 

I went to my local home improvement "Big Box" store. I selected construction grade lumber. At my store they had a choice of a product they called whitewood, or Douglas Fir. The latter was kiln dried, and a much higher density and harder lumber so I chose that.  Where you live will dictate what you buy. Many parts of the country will have southern yellow pine. Which is a great choice for this.

I took quite some time to sort through the bunk of lumber to ensure that I got straight pieces and pieces with as few knots as possible. I chose all 2x6's, and I ended up with a workbench that was a beast. Very strong, very solid!

Get your set of highly detailed 3D plans in PDF format and build yours today!