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Extreme Torsion Box Assembly Table and Outfeed/Workbench

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Available in 3 sizes: Choose the size you want when ordering.

All sizes have the same functional feature set. Small size has fewer drawers.

Full size - 4' x 8' 

Mid size - 3-1/2' x 7'  

Small size - 3' x 6'

Detailed 3D plans for the Extreme Torsion Box Assembly Table.

This multi-function table is especially valuable when shop space is limited. This Table functions as a Torsion Box Assembly Table, an Outfeed Table, and a Workbench. It has built in t-track, workbench vise and bench dog holes. It has tons of storage and clamp racks, and is a highly portable multifunctional piece of shop equipment. 

This is much more than a standard woodworking tool. It is UPGRADABLE. 

Since it is such a large project you can build it in components:

1) Build leg assemblies and torsion box top - this gives you a fully functional torsion box assembly table.

2) Add cabinets & shelving underneath and electrical - this greatly enhances the storage available in your shop and makes your table more functional. 

3) Add bench-vise and bench-dog holes - this gives you a fully functional woodworking bench.

4) Add drawers in cabinets & clamp racks at the ends - this gives you the full features of this tool.

Featuring 34 pages of information, this is one of our most detailed and involved plans.