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Miter Spline and Dovetail Key Jig Plans

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Highly detailed Miter Spline and Dovetail Key Jig Plans in 3D. 

This is the perfect jig for making beautiful spline joints in boxes. Or even dovetail keys. If you don’t have a dovetail jig and you don’t want to learn to use one, or learn to hand cut them. With this jig you can have beautiful dovetails on the edge of your jewelry boxes or keepsake boxes.


This is a very easy project. If we take away glue time, it was built in under 2 hours. It’s something that a woodworker of any skill level can accomplish, and it is one of the key jigs that I recommend to beginners, because with very little experience, you can begin to make great looking boxes.


This is a comprehensive jig that will work on both the table saw and any router table with a miter slot. There is no need to build multiple jigs for dovetails and splines, or separate jigs for boxes instead of picture frames. This one will do them all perfectly.