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Complete Hardware Package for the Flagship Table Saw Sled

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Complete Hardware Package for the Flagship Table Saw Sled!

This kit includes every screw, bolt, blind nut, and other pieces of hardware needed to build this sled. 

Miter bars, t-tracks, digital angle finder, hold down clamp, toggle clamp, heavy weight precision 36” aluminum ruler and more!

With this kit you don’t need to buy a single thing other than your half sheet of plywood. This contains everything else. 

You can certainly buy all of these individual items on Amazon or your local hardware store, but many of the screws & bolts are only sold in a pack of 25 or 50, when you need way less. Also, it’s all at a premium retail price on Amazon because it’s in small quantity. In fact you could pay almost $220 if you got all premium stuff. I’ve included the list of items and links below so that you can compare yourself if you like. 

I ended up buying everything in massive bulk to build and sell the sleds. This way, I could get my sled price as low as possible. So I got the screws and such online through a wholesaler in bulk lots of 10,000, and I went to the manufacturer to get things like the ruler. Instead of paying $22 for it on Amazon, I bought 1000 pieces direct for $11.00 each. 

I thought I should pass some of those savings on to those of you who want the plans to build it yourself. And of course we’ll still make $30 on each sale.  it’s priced so that even after shipping costs from us, you’ll still save approximately $70 over the retail costs  

Here are the links to get each of these individually;

POWERTEC T-Track (2-Pack), 24"

POWERTEC 18” Aluminum miter bar

Digital Angle Finder

Aluminum round bar ¼” diameter

Aluminum hold down clamps

Toggle Clamp

Star knobs

Star knob with stud

1/4-20 x 3/8" Button Socket Screws

1/4-20 x 3/4" Button Socket Screws

T-bolts ¼”-20x3-1/2”

3/8-16 x 3/4" Hex Head Bolts

1/4-20 x 3-1/2" Hex Bolts

1/4"-20x5/16 T-Nut

10-32x1/2 socket set screw

#5x3/8” countersink wood screws

#8x1/2" countersink wood screws

¼” flat washers

36” x 1/8” thick aluminum ruler