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Adirondack Braces for Racking Prevention

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Many of you have built our Adirondack Chair:

or our Adirondack Rocking Chair

A few have brought to my attention that their chair developed a habit of racking, after some weeks or months.

We did some research and determined that the racking could be brought on by one of two ways.

1. The chair was assembled with wet wood (not kiln dried or air dried)

2. The chair was built with pre-drill holes that were too big. (or possibly both of these)

So, I purposely built a chair that used green (very wet) lumber, and I also used a #10 pilot hole for #8 screws. And sure enough, after a bout 3 weeks it started to rack.

We then created an easy solution to fix this rack. That way everyone could still get quality use out of the chairs they built. (although, I recommend in the future using kiln dried wood, and the proper sized screw holes. All measurements needed are in the video, but you can also download this copy of the dimensions of the brace for free if you like.