How to make an all wood version of a machinist's vise - Part 2 - Wood Selection

clamp diy exotic wood how to machinist make maker Padauk purpleheart rosewood threaded rod vise woodworking

I have a lot of turning blanks of various exotic woods. Many of which will fit perfectly for the components of our vise. Those combined with a Purple heart and an African Padauk board should just about do it.

The primary wood types we are using is Purpleheart, East Indian Rosewood, African Padauk, Marblewood, and for the jaws, the densest wood in the world - Lignum vitae.

The main screw for the vise is a 2" diameter threaded steel rod. The threaded rod is a beast with a weight of 20 lbs. by itself.

With the dynamic jaw complete, we will move on to the static jaw.

Stay tuned...

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  • Michael Clanton on

    I am very interested in your plans for the “all wood bench vise” however I cannot find them on your website nor a price. How can i get them, and also your video on your build, I haven’t been able to see it but once and then it disappeared. Thank you

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