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Medium size Thor's Hammer Woodworking Mallet all Exotic Wood

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Note: Lignum Vitae AND Cocobolo are now on the CITES Appendix II list, and the IUCN Redlist. They no longer being imported into the US or anywhere. When they're gone, they're gone

Medium Size Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Woodworking Mallet. Made of an exotic wood handle and an exotic wood head. The mallet pictured has a Redheart head.

Options for head and handle are: Cocobolo, Bocote, Lignum Vitae, Padauk, Purpleheart, Rosewood, Redheart.

Please keep in mind that all wood is a natural product and there is great variation in color and grain pattern within each species. The pictures below are approximate representatives of each of the species that I offer. 

Approximately 12" long with 4" long mallet head.

Below is a video of me building the full size mallet.



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