bandsaw blade


Ever wonder what width blade you should use? Or how many teeth per inch is best for your piece of wood?

Do you know what to do if your finished cut is too rough? Or what about if your blade starts to twist during a cut?

This is a simple one page VERY COMPREHENSIVE bandsaw blade guide. Helps you decide what blade to get. And how to quickly fix problems you might be having.

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  • Cy Vanderloo on

    I was looking for the plans on how to build a swing 8-ft gate you feature on your video will these plans tell me where to buy the parts to please email me or tell me where how I get how I pay for it

  • Larry Fontanez on

    I have purchased both the Adirondack, and the rocking chair paper prints from you and tried to make a wooden templet with no success, do you sell wooden templets of both.
    thank you
    Larry Fontanez

  • Eric King on

    Love the channel and your instructional videos. I have purchased the Adirondack chair, Rocker, & coffee/end tables plans along with the chair and rocker templates. I was wondering how to get the foot rest plans?
    Thanks for your time.
    P.S. love the name “King’s” fine woodworking

  • Alex Reid on

    Looking forward to buying your new set of 5 plans and templates once I save up a bit. Excited for that. Would you be able to send me your bandsaw “How To” pdf? I’d love to be able to print that off and laminate it for use in my shop. Thank you once again for all your content and available plans.

  • Larry Clement on

    Unable to build because my county. Would not let me build a shed to build the fine chairs.

    Real wanted to build the chairs. Because herein Florida. To enjoy.

    But thank you for plans to try to build these
    Unique fine chairs.

    Will. Take these plans with me when I pass

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