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How to make a Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench for under $200 part II

How to make a Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench for under $200 part II

I got around to cutting off the ends of the workbench today. Since it was 5" deep I had to use a circular saw and cut to its maximum depth, then flip it over and do the other half, and finally cut through the last 1-1/2" with a handsaw.


Before doing that, I mated the two halves together and clamped them. Then, I used a straight edge that was placed exactly 90 degrees to the long side. And finally, I cut them as one piece.  After unclamping, and flipping, I repeated the same procedure.

There is really no other way to do a cut such as this. It is too deep and too long for a miter saw. And at 80" long, and about 100 pounds each, the top pieces are far too unwieldy for a crosscut sled.  This is a good opportunity to practice circular saw skills. A good quality sharp blade, and a rigid straight edge, will give you perfect results, just cut slow and steady, and make sure to keep the edge of the saw against the fence the whole time.

I can remember the first time I had a table top that had to be done this way, it was a 2" thick solid oak table and I was so nervous to put a circular saw to it. It just didn't feel right after using higher quality shop tools all week. But, I was pleasantly surprised, and it came out just fine.

You can also use a track saw if you have one. I have used them and they are great. But I just used my trusty straight edge here.

Anyway, after the top was cut to length, I dressed up the ends with a belt sander to remove the saw marks, and a random orbit to remove the scratches left by the belt, and I think it came out ok.

Moving on, I had glued up the legs and rails last night. This way I can mill it down to a 4" x 5" size. I think that'll be beefy enough, and it will look like it belongs under that hefty top.

So, today I milled all of them down and cut them to length.

I even started the mortising process by doing the layout, and cutting one.


 stay tuned....

Also, If you would like to learn a technique, such as dovetailing, or any woodworking skill at all, or if you want to see a specific project built. leave me a comment. almost all of my builds come from viewer requests.

Lastly, if you gained any knowledge from watching my woodworking instructional videos, and you'd like to donate a $1.00 to help support my channel, check out this link:  Help here.

How to make a Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench for under $200 part II

How to make a Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench for under $200 part II

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Hey James, I’d first like to say Thanks for all of your Channel Videos as I do enjoy binge-watching them when the time allows seeing some great projects, learn something new, and usually get another tip/idea or take on doing a process. With that being said, I will be looking forward to picking up a set of your detailed plans for this bench as I need to make myself something, as far as a bench goes, and after seeing quite the gamut of types and styles one could imagine of building, the Roubo Style would fit my needs and style of work the best. I was wondering if the plans come with a detailed materials list? I would assume so, but I believe in being safe than sorry, plus I figured I’d ask so that I can use the list to check off the items as I acquire them, as I’m going to try to attempt to repurpose as much of the materials as I can, as I believe in reusing what I find in my daily travels to cut down on the carbon footprint of the project, save a little money and mostly, giving something that was discarded another life. Thanks again for all of your great content online and look forward to picking up those plans very soon. Hope that you and the family are doing well and keeping busy with projects. A Family That Glues Together Sticks Together. LMFAO.

Shawn P. Cosgrove

Would love to see more of whatever you post. Please add me to your list.

Steve Jordan

Do you by any chance have a list of materials needed to build the Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench.

I will be building this soon and need to assemble the lumber etc…thanks


How do I find Part 1 of How to make a Split-Top Roubo Woodworking Bench for under $200

Harry De Leon

hello mind one of your table.l want a catalog to order

Castillo jaime

Mr. King, I just saw these on YouTube and will be following your plans for this when I’m ready to get everything together. I do have a question, though: is there a reason why one side over-hangs the legs more than the other? Does this have a functional purpose? Thanks!


I just found your channel.. love it.. you do very nice work.. with some good ideas.. Thanks for sharing them.

david l rannings

Dr. King, I hope you’re going to post a video of this build. It’s one of the projects on my list and I’m sure to learn lots of useful skills watching it. Your table looks really nice and it looks like it’ll turn out stout like a dreadnought!

Idoneam Fabrilis

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