bandsaw blade


Ever wonder what width blade you should use? Or how many teeth per inch is best for your piece of wood?

Do you know what to do if your finished cut is too rough? Or what about if your blade starts to twist during a cut?

This is a simple one page VERY COMPREHENSIVE bandsaw blade guide. Helps you decide what blade to get. And how to quickly fix problems you might be having.

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  • Keith Phillips CDR USN Ret. on

    Thank you;
    I refurbish and repair old air pistols as hobby.. I also am looking at making display boxes for the pistols. Your web site will definitely get me started.
    Keith L Phillips CDR USN Retired

  • Richaed Cobble on

    Sir, im a beginner in wood working. Can you recon?mend on the tools that i just have to have? I dont want to buy something that i cant use right now. Planniñg on makeing a few cutting boards for family. Nothing big to start.
    Thank you

    Richard Cobble

  • Peter Risk on

    I learned through YouTube of your website, I think you are an outstanding craftsman, instructor and a wealth of information.

  • James Lane on

    I am brand new on your site today it is excellent one of the best I’ve ever seen keep up the good work


    You always come up with great things to share with us.

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