bandsaw blade


Ever wonder what width blade you should use? Or how many teeth per inch is best for your piece of wood?

Do you know what to do if your finished cut is too rough? Or what about if your blade starts to twist during a cut?

This is a simple one page VERY COMPREHENSIVE bandsaw blade guide. Helps you decide what blade to get. And how to quickly fix problems you might be having.

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  • Keith Mitchell on

    I love your videos… informative and detailed. I hope all is well with you and your family.

  • Terry on

    thanks for all your videos and information

  • William John Hickman on

    What no metric measurements?

  • Jamie on

    Watch all ur videos like how u explain in detail what’s going on and the types of tools u can use for the projects… looking forward for upcoming projects

  • james r wyatt on

    thanks for your website!!! wish i could be your close friend!!! i wish you would create a beginning course online for beginning woodworkers. !! do you know one? jim wyatt 2294219474

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